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Everything You Need to Know Before Having Dental Implants

Whether it is due to an unhealthy diet, injury or illness, tooth loss can happen. However, with the dental treatments available, there is no need to stress. Dental Implants provide an effective, natural looking solution to missing teeth. When fitted by a Quay dentist, you can be guaranteed a safe treatment and first-class aftercare.

Dental Implants

What are Dental Implants?

Dental Implants are designed to entirely replace your missing tooth, from the root up to crown level. The root of your Dental Implant (abutment) is manufactured using biocompatible titanium. This type of metal is very strong for a reliable treatment and doesn’t get rejected from your body like other metals. The abutment is fixed to your jaw to form a secure foundation.

The top of your new Dental Implant is a ceramic crown for a natural look. Therefore, people will not be able to tell that you have a false tooth!

Benefits of Implants

Choosing Dental Implants to replace your missing teeth has lots of benefits, including:


Implants are designed to provide you with the same stability as your natural teeth. Therefore, there is no need to worry about your implants slipping or shifting about.


For minimal maintenance and an easy care routine, implants can be cleaned the same way as natural teeth. There is no requirement for them to be removed overnight for soaking or deep cleaning.


Dental Implants do not rely on the support of neighbouring teeth. Instead they can hold themselves, to leave your natural tooth structure unharmed. It also means neighbouring teeth will not be shifted by your implant, to keep your jawbone and face contours intact.


Dental Implants serve as an effective solution both practically and cosmetically. With your implants in place, you will find it much easier to speak and chew.

Meeting Requirements

To ensure a safe treatment, there are a few requirements of the patient. If you have healthy gums, positive general health and sufficient bone to support your new Dental Implant you are likely to be accepted for treatment.

However, if your bone height simply doesn’t meet requirements, your jawbone could be built up before the procedure. If you are a smoker or suffer with a chronic illness, your dentist will need to consider how this may interfere with your healing process following the dental implant procedure.

Preparing for Treatment

During osseointegration, gum tissue will be used to cover your Dental Implant. Before creating your new teeth, an oral surgeon will need to uncover your implant to fix on a healing collar. This is followed by impressions being made and fixtures added to your implants. This will help to render a safe attachment for your new teeth.

More Information on Dental Implants

At Quay Dental Care we aim to help our valued patients to smile with confidence. With welcoming dental practices in Plymouth and Paignton, we offer a wide range of general, specialist and cosmetic dental treatments. For more information on Dental Implants, get in touch with your local Quay Dental Care practice.

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